Shout your message out with graphic design for print Communicate effectivly with professional design services for the charity sectorDesign Aid Provides

A full range of Graphic Design and other creative services across all media to many different organisations and business.

Graphic Design takes a very important role when presenting or promoting a project, organisation, business or brand. But have you really taken the time to consider just what it is that professional graphic design can bring to your cause?

Design Aid’s Experience

My experience in the third sector as a volunteer, trustee, speaker on social enterprise, and founder of a registered Charity gives me, a unique insight when creating professional designs for you.

I have worked in the advertising industries for most of my working life since the early 1980′s and have been bringing professional graphic design services to the Good Causes in the Charity Sector since 1997.

I have specialised in supporting Good Causes, Social Enterprises and SME’s with my skills and knowledge and would love to discuss with you what I can bring to your projects.

What can Design Aid do for your project?

My professional graphic design skills will establish the position of your brand and communicate your message in an engaging and professional manner to supporters and clients, or beneficiaries alike.

Good Graphic Design that you can trust to communicate with Clients, Beneficiaries or Supporters can mean everything to your organisation.
I have provided Good graphic design that works to Charities, Social Enterprise and Business. Be confident that you have found Graphic Design you can Trust from people who Care about your cause.

My graphic design is a positive force within an organisation as it appeals to target audiences and supports the values at the very core of any project, organisation or business. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider working with Design Aid;

  • Good design plays a key role in creating a positive relationship between an organisation it’s beneficiaries, supporters, volunteers, staff and funders
  • Ideas are my work. My ideas will engage with your target audience and communicate your message
  • Graphic Design is what I do every day all communications and marketing solutions can benefit from professional design
  • My well designed flyer, ad, document, website or brochure will create a public perception that works with your organisations branding, public image and philosophy

Good design conveys a positive impression. It is essential that the visual impact of your publications, materials and marketing tools are positive and strike a chord with its audience.

“FOC (Friends of Conservation) has benefited greatly from Bruce’s support. He designed the FOC “Conservation Code“, a set of common-sense guidelines for visitors travelling to Africa. This guide has proved highly successful in raising awareness and reducing the negative effects of tourism.”

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