A Trip Up North For Research Purposes (And To Buy A Porsche)

I didn’t get talked into buying a car by a salesman.


It turns out that in today’s day and age, all it takes is a couple hours of idly surfing the internet to fall completely head over heels in love with a car. If only I had this kind of luck with dating!

[However, I wouldn’t usually go for women as old as this particular model…]

When I bought my beloved 2002 Corsa, ten years ago, it was in much better shape.

What seemed like modern contouring gave it a sleek, sporty vibe – the plastic interior practically gleamed, as if it had just come out of the factory, and the engine purred like only a 16v, 1.2 litre could. However, I was 21 at the time, I’d just set up my company and built my first site. My budget restraints were reflected in my vehicle and, even though the old girl has taken me thousands of miles around the UK and Europe; ten years on she was truly starting to show her age.

I’ll admit that I felt a slight pang of guilt, when I first hit the car search engines. Although rationally I knew that I couldn’t possibly hold onto this old banger for any longer, she’d been faithful for a decade – and now I was going to simply trade her in for younger, flashier model. Coupled with this was the fact that I knew that I couldn’t afford to keep two cars at one time – so the Corsa would have to go.


She wouldn’t be crushed – she’d been far too well looked after for that.

No, my dear Corsa would end up in the hands of an excitable boy racer, who’d more than likely bend her round a lamp post in the space of a couple weeks. Resigned to this outcome, I started considering the countless of other much loved used vehicles that must be put on the market every year. That’s when I remembered the dream cars of my youth: flashy roadsters driven by Steve McQueen and Burt Reynolds. Bold pastel paint jobs and timeless designs – this avenue of fantasy brought me into the path of Tech-9, a bespoke Porsche Dealership and Garage based in Liverpool.

As you might be able to tell, I have a habit of imbuing inanimate objects with little stories and personal embellishments. I get personally attached to things like cars, computers…printers, sometimes. Far from being the clinical gear-heads that I expected them to be, the lads at Tech-9 seemed to have a similar relationship with the majority of the vehicles that they work on in Liverpool.


After inquiring about a certain Porsche 930 on their site, they invited me up to check out their show room and take her for a test drive. I’d never driven a Sports car before, let alone a left-handed model. The speed at which it leapt forward took me quite by surprise and I must admit, I found it a little difficult to get to grips with the old steering. The mechanic sat in the passenger seat clutched onto the sides of the vehicle, clearly a little vexed at my lack of control over the car.

I decided against buying it in the end.

It turns out re-modelled 1970s era Porsches can set you back quite a bit of money – plus a sweet 2013 Corsa just popped up on AutoTrader, and I think it might be more my style after all…